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Self Titled TREMOLO Module

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Greenhouse Self Titled TREMOLO Module

Artikelnummer 36125012
Hersteller Greenhouse
Tremolo-Module for Self Titled Regelbar in Level, Depth und Rate The Self-Titled is a true analog Modular pedal that allows you to change its circuitry and to transform it from an overdrive to a Tremolo, to a Booster, to a Fuzz... It features an all new design, a specially made enclosure and a reliable relay true bypass switching with an exclusive trick –Stand by switching. You can press the footswitch before you want to engage the pedal and when you do- just release your foot from it and the pedal will be switched on or off accordingly. To change the circuit, use the provided tools to open the back plate and reveal the circuit. Then carefully extract the socketed circuit module from the motherboard and replace it with another module.
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