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Buzz Electronics 3ChP 3-fach Looper, programmierbar

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Buzz Electronics 3ChP 3-fach Looper, programmierbar

Artikelnummer 36075003
Effekttyp Sonstige
Anschlüsse Ausgang Mono, Bass Eingang Mono, Gitarren Eingang Mono
True Bypass Ja
Stromquelle Netzteil (nicht im Lieferumfang!)
z.B. um drei Effektpedale zwischen Instrument und Verstärker zu schalten. Programmierbar um Kombinationen zu haben, aber auch einfach als on/off schaltbar. All 3 Switches can be programmed to engage any combination of the 3 loops (up to 3 pedals can be engaged at once). Plug your chosen effect pedals into the SEND and RECEIVE sockets, then engage or disengage them using the footswitches. When one of the loops is 'off', your guitar sound is routed directly to your amp. When it is 'on', your signal is routed through the effects pedals. Programming Hold down the footswitch that you would like to program for 2-3 seconds and release. Press the Loops that you would like to be activated by the switch you're programming (The LEDs will indicate the pedals that you've selected). Re-hold the initial footswitch for 3 seconds to finish. This can be repeated for the 2 remaining footswitches. Programmable vs On/Off Mode Each switch can either be set to Programmable or On/Off mode. In programmable mode, the previously active switches disengage when a new switch is pressed. In On/Off mode, the previously active switches stay on when a new switch is pressed, allowing you to add to existing effects. To toggle between Programmable and On/Off mode, hold your chosen switch down for 5+ seconds. The switch will flash fast for 3 seconds. You can mix and match between Programmable and On/Off modes. So for example: you could have 2 switches set to Programmable and 1 switch set to On/Off mode. Master Bypass Re-press the active switch to bypass all loops (In programmable mode) Functions: Add True Bypass to any effects pedal All 3 pedals can be engaged at once. Program any of the switches to activate any of the loops. Clean up your tone. The loops engage immediately when a switch is pressed. Features: 3 Presets 3 Loops Silent Switches (with Smooth clickless action) True Bypass Circuitary Suitable for Live use Inbuilt Flash Memory for Storing your Presets (So you don't have to re-program the pedal everytime you remove the power). Unrivaled Quality Diecast Aluminium Enclosure Compact Size (150x80x55mm) Bright LEDs for indication Chrome LED Bezels 2 Year Warranty
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